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Glassware Hire

Explore the Options Greathire range of stunning glassware for your various events - weddings, birthdays, dinners, or cocktail evenings.
You will find every possible style: cocktail glasses, champagne coupes, gin glasses, whiskey glasses, wine glasses, tasting glasses, and anything else you can imagine.

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  1. Venice Glasses
    Venice Glasses
  2. Clear Volga Glasses
    Clear Volga Glasses
  3. Volga Glasses
    Volga Glasses
  4. Amber Goblet New
    Amber Goblet
  5. Riedel Tasting Glasses
    Riedel Tasting Glasses
  6. Vintage cristal champagne coupe  Ø 9-11 cm H 7-15 cm 10-17cl
    Vintage cristal champagne coupe Ø 9-11 cm H 7-15 cm 10-17cl
  7. Vintage cristal Glasses
    Vintage cristal Glasses
  8. Belle Epoque champagne flute 14 cl
    Belle Epoque champagne flute 14 cl
  9. Belle Epoque Glasses
    Belle Epoque Glasses
  10. Marquis Glasses
    Marquis Glasses
  11. Marquis Gold Glasses
    Marquis Gold Glasses
  12. Marquis platinium Glasses
    Marquis platinium Glasses
  13. Nod Glasses
    Nod Glasses
  14. Blue grey Tourmaline Glasses
    Blue grey Tourmaline Glasses
  15. Clear Tourmaline glass
    Clear Tourmaline glass

Items 1 to 15 of 149 total

Options Greathire, specialist in the rental of equipment for receptions, offers you a range of glasses among its collection of tableware hire.

Discover a wide variety of glassware that can be used for all types of events: lunch, dinner, cocktail party, evening, weddings and more.

We offer different styles, wine glasses, whiskey glasses, cocktail glasses, beer glasses in a range of classic, modern, elegant and timeless styles. Choose the glass that best suits your event.


Stemmed glasses

For your exceptional lunches and dinners, find 30 lines of products, available for rent. Some of them have a very pure design and are transparent. They are suitable for gastronomic evenings and especially for wine tasting.

Add a touch of elegance and originality by selecting products with a gold border or an engraved pattern. If you want to add a touch of colour, opt for the coloured models (yellow-orange, blue, green, pink, black, red).

Several shapes and heights of champagne flutes are available. Browse our website to discover our entire glassware offer. Our team is at your service for more information on prices and availability.




Goblets have several uses in a reception. During a wine reception, they are useful for serving non-alcoholic drinks (juice, soda, water). During seated meals, they accompany stemmed glasses and are suitable for water.

In our range, some are transparent, others coloured (black, green, blue, red, white, yellow, pink) or with patterns. Choose the right style that works with your tableware selection. Dare to mix colours or styles for more originality. Among the thirty or so ranges, you will find the one you need for your prestigious dinner or drinks reception.


Cocktail glasses

This category is dedicated to two types of events: cocktails and parties. In this wide range, you will find all the cocktail glassware styles that will allow you to create the perfect event.

Take the time to choose carefully based on the drinks that you plan to offer your guests. It is up to you and your bartender to decide which ones are the most appropriate. For each drink, we have the perfect choice of glass !