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Glass Hire

Let the drinks flow with our exquisite range of glassware. Here you can find all kinds of glassware, perfect for dinners, weddings, or cocktails.
If you need something to accompany our collection of tableware, this is the perfect place to start.

  1. Venice Glasses New
    Venice Glasses
  2. Clear Volga Glasses
    Clear Volga Glasses
  3. Volga Glasses
    Volga Glasses
  4. Amber Goblet New
    Amber Goblet
  5. Riedel Tasting Glasses
    Riedel Tasting Glasses
  6. Vintage cristal champagne coupe  Ø 9-11 cm H 7-15 cm 10-17cl
    Vintage cristal champagne coupe Ø 9-11 cm H 7-15 cm 10-17cl
  7. Vintage cristal Glasses
    Vintage cristal Glasses
  8. Belle Epoque champagne flute 14 cl
    Belle Epoque champagne flute 14 cl
  9. Belle Epoque Glasses
    Belle Epoque Glasses
  10. Marquis Glasses
    Marquis Glasses
  11. Marquis Gold Glasses
    Marquis Gold Glasses
  12. Marquis platinium Glasses
    Marquis platinium Glasses
  13. Nod Glasses
    Nod Glasses
  14. Blue grey Tourmaline Glasses
    Blue grey Tourmaline Glasses
  15. Clear Tourmaline glass
    Clear Tourmaline glass

Glasses Hire for Events in London and the UK

Here at Options Greathire we are very proud to carry an enormous range of glassware for you to hire for your next event. Ranging from elegant wine and champagne glasses to fun shot and liqueur glasses, from simple designs to decorative styles, we have everything that you might need in order to cater to your guests need. Our collections include whiskey glasses and tumblers, and even cocktail glasses and champagne coupes. When you are creating a beautiful bar or table scape, it requires attention to all of the small details. Whether you want a stand out style, a hint of colour or a subtle shimmer, make sure to take a look at every style and colour that we can have to offer.
If you are looking for a functional glassware range with no frills or fuss, we carry several simple yet elegant styles for you to choose from. With clear glass in both contemporary and traditional shapes, they are all carefully selected for the finest quality, giving you a professional, reliable and stylish hire product. All of our glassware ranges come in a multitude of sizes from 16cl flutes to 55cl wine glasses, allowing you to select the best fit for your client and their choice of beverage. This wide and varied range of sizes and shapes makes our glassware hire collections the perfect choice for any wine tasting event, drinks reception or bar.

Hire the most Beautiful Glassware Designs

To create an extra special, elaborate and decorative table scape, you can hire from Options Greathire who can offer the most beautiful glassware designs available on the hire market. Our collections of stunning glassware are adorned with delicate motifs to give you that extra touch of glitz and glamour at your event. Choose from gorgeous gold and shiny silver rims, fine lace etchings and regal filigree patterns. If you are looking to add texture to your place setting or bar display, choose from our cut glass and sculpted stem ranges which catch the light and add the glisten and glimmer to your design. We even have a stunning Vintage glassware collection which features beautifully crafted cut and sculpted glass wine, water and champagne glasses.

Hire Colourful Glassware Collections

In addition to our huge range of glasses, we are able to offer you the options of adding a fun and exciting element to your event with our colourful glassware collections. Using glassware is a great way to add colour to your table scape design. Choose a colour and texture from our beautiful glassware ranges that mirrors the colours of your florals, centrepieces or napkins to tie the whole look together. Whether it is a traditional shape with a colourful twist or a simple style with a pop of neon, Options Greathire have the coloured glass for you. Choose from soft, subtle and smoky coloured tumblers to vibrant, bright and exciting coloured slim jim glasses.