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Linen Hire and Table Cloth Hire

Options Greathire provide top quality linen in a wide range of colours and sizes to complement our equipment.
Please do contact an Options Greathire representative directly to discuss you requirement
tablecloths hire
With over 3 decades of experience within the event hire industry Options Greathire have had time to hand select the very best linen available for our clients. Our range of Linen is unrivalled in quality, with a huge choice of colours, patterns and textures. Whether you require crisp white linen for a Hotel, Restaurant or private dining, a thick woven cloth requiring no ironing, or you seek to hire linen with a luxurious satin finish, we are sure to have the perfect solution for you.

Urbane Linen Range

tablecloths hire Urbane-Teal
Urbane - Teal
tablecloths hire Urbane-Lavender
Urbane - Lavender
tablecloths hire Urbane-Stone
Urbane - Stone
Urbane - Pumpkin
tablecloths hire Urbane Stone
Urbane - Blush
+ 21 colors

Contemporary Linen Range

tablecloths hire Contemporary Light Blue
Contemporary - Light Blue
tablecloths hire Contemporary Rasberry
Contemporary - Rasberry
tablecloths hire Contemporary Pink
Contemporary - Pink
tablecloths hire Contemporary Orig Turquoise
Contemporary - Turquoise
tablecloths hire Contemporary Royal Blue
Contemporary - Royal Blue
+ 19 colors

Paisley Linen Range

tablecloths hire Paisley Eggshell
Paisley - Eggshell
Paisley - Peony
tablecloths hire Paisley Rose
Paisley - Rose

Satin Stripe Linen Range

tablecloths hire Satin Stripe PaleGreen
Satin Stripe - Pale Green
tablecloths hire Satin Stripe Navy
Satin Stripe - Navy
tablecloths hire Satin Stripe Gold
Satin Stripe - Gold
tablecloths hire Satin Stripe Silver
Satin Stripe - Silver
tablecloths hire Satin Stripe Light Blue
Satin Stripe - Light Blue
+ 6 colors

Damask Linen Range

tablecloths hire Damask Gold
Damask - Gold
tablecloths hire  Damask Duck Egg Blue
Damask - Egg Blue Original
tablecloths hire  Damask Duck Egg Blue
Damask - Brick
tablecloths hire Damask Purple
Damask - Purple
tablecloths hire Damask-Olive
Damask - Olive
+ 15 colors

Cotton Linen Range

tablecloths hire Pinstripe-Blue
Pinstripe - Blue
tablecloths hire Organic-Check-Grey
Organic Check - Grey
tablecloths hire Indian-Cotton-Ivory-Stripe
Indian Cotton - Ivory Stripe
tablecloths hire Organic-Light-Grey
Organic - Light Grey
tablecloths hire Indian-Cotton-Blue-Stripe
Indian Cotton - Blue Stripe
+ 9 colors

Hemstitch Linen Range

tablecloths hire Vintage-Pink
Hemstitch - Vintage Pink
tablecloths hire Hemstitch-Vintage-Green
Hemstitch - Vintage Green
tablecloths hire Hemstitch-Vintage-Blue
Hemstitch - Vintage Blue
tablecloths hire Hemstitch-Vintage-Grey
Hemstitch - Vintage Grey
tablecloths hire Hemstitch-Vintage-Ivory
Hemstitch - Vintage Ivory
+ 3 colors

Tablecloths and Napkins

Take the stress out of hiring your event equipment by choosing Options Greathire. Not only do we offer an extensive collection of furniture and tableware but we have many gorgeous, high quality linens to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a rustic textured look, a plain contemporary feel or a luxurious patterned silk, we have the tablecloth for your event. Available multiple colours, textures and sizes, rectangular or round, we’ve got you covered. Just tell us the size of your table and we can recommend a cloth or better still pair it with one of our many trestle tables. And why stop there when you can compete the set with napkins too! Match our napkins with the tablecloth of your choice or add a pop of colour and texture with a contrasting style and colour.