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Cutlery Hire

Whatever the type of event you are organising, Options Greathire offers several styles of cutlery for hire. Cocktail cutlery, serving cutlery, coffee spoons, fish knives, dessert forks: each dish has its own cutlery to match. Elevate your event with our range of choices and give your guests a night to remember.

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  1. Normandie Cutlery
    Normandie Cutlery
  2. Soliman Cutlery
    Soliman Cutlery
  3. The Aurora Rose Gold Cutlery
    The Aurora Rose Gold Cutlery
  4. Cutlery Black Eden New
    Cutlery Black Eden
  5. Black and Gold Mother of Pearl Cutlery
    Black and Gold Mother of Pearl Cutlery
  6. Gold confetti Cutlery
    Gold confetti Cutlery
  7. The Tortoiseshell cutlery
    The Tortoiseshell cutlery
  8. Trianon Cutlery
    Trianon Cutlery
  9. Mother of pearl Cutlery
    Mother of pearl Cutlery
  10. Bague Cutlery
    Bague Cutlery
  11. Neo Champagne Cutlery New
    Neo Champagne Cutlery
  12. Cutipol white and gold Cutlery
    Cutipol white and gold Cutlery
  13. Neo black Cutlery
    Neo black Cutlery
  14. Neo copper Cutlery
    Neo copper Cutlery
  15. Neo gold Cutlery
    Neo gold Cutlery

Items 1 to 15 of 58 total


Our ranges of cutlery

Here at Options Greathire we have a tremendous range of tableware which of course includes a large collection of beautiful cutlery for you to hire. As well as being functional, the cutlery at your event has the potential to transform the overall look of your table scape. Choose from chic simple and contemporary styles to a more traditional and ornamental look. We stock a wide variety of styles and materials ranging from bold modern stainless steel designs to rustic wooden handled pieces to delicate mother of pearl vintage styles. All of our cutlery has been especially chosen to match our wonderful crockery collection so you will definitely find a winning combination of tableware for your next event.


Cutlery for all types of events

All of our cutlery collections come in a complete set including starter, dinner and dessert sizes. Some of our ranges are even available in the form of a fish fork! For the cocktail canapes we have handy cocktail forks and for the tea and coffee lovers, we have an adorable stock of tea and coffee spoons. In addition to this, many of our collections come in various colour options including gold, silver, copper and black so that you can further customise the look to be able to complete your bespoke table scape.


Service equipments and tools to accompany our cutlery

To complement our extensive cutlery collections, we also offer service equipment and tools. Many of our ranges come in serving spoon and fork sizes so you can continue the look throughout the table and event. Other serving cutlery that we can provide include ladles and serving spoons, salad and pasta tongs, cheese and steak knives and many more! Options Greathire have everything you need to serve your guests with style and ease. We also offer a great range of canape serving products such as tasting bowls, canape spoons and glasses.


A rigorous cleaning process

Like all of our tableware, our cutlery goes through a rigorous cleaning process to ensure that a high level of sanitisation is achieved. The cutlery is packaged in bags and crates, ready to be delivered to your venue. Unlike other hire companies, at Options Greathire, the charge for washing is always included in the price of hire so there’s no need for you to rinse or wash the tableware, just pop it back into the crate for us to collect when the event is over!


Our teams are at your disposal to advise you

With our many years of experience, we can offer advice on which products to use together to complete the look that you like. Contact our wonderful sales team now for more information, advice on which cutlery to use and how to pair it with your chosen crockery.