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Cocktail Cutlery Hire

Complete your bar with our range of cocktail cutlery. You never know what you will need to deliver the event of a lifetime, so make sure you have all your bases covered.
The cocktail cutlery from Options Greathire comes in a variety of colours and shapes.

  1. Neo Black Cocktail Fork
    Neo Black Cocktail Fork
  2. Neo Copper cocktail fork
    Neo Copper cocktail fork
  3. Neo Gold cocktail fork
    Neo Gold cocktail fork
  4. Caravelle Cocktail Fork
    Caravelle Cocktail Fork
  5. Caravelle Cocktail Spoon
    Caravelle Cocktail Spoon
  6. Caravelle Spreading Knife
    Caravelle Spreading Knife
  7. Montreux Cocktail Fork New
    Montreux Cocktail Fork
  8. Silver Old Paris Cocktail Fork
    Silver Old Paris Cocktail Fork
  9. Stainless Steel Old Paris Cocktail Fork
    Stainless Steel Old Paris Cocktail Fork
  10. Biarritz Cocktail Fork
    Biarritz Cocktail Fork
  11. Georgette Cocktail Spoon
    Georgette Cocktail Spoon
  12. Bamboo Fork 9 cm
    Bamboo Fork 9 cm
  13. Bamboo Spoon 9 cm
    Bamboo Spoon 9 cm