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Screen Hire

Check out our huge collection of room dividers for hire, available in a wide variety of beautiful colours, materials and luxurious finishes.
Our screens can be used to conceal parts of the room, complete the look of your lavish lounge setting or as an exciting backdrop for your photographs.

  1. Paris Screen
    Paris Screen
  2. Unico Screen
    Unico Screen
  3. CKC Screen in Black
    CKC Screen in Black
  4. CKC Screen in Gold
    CKC Screen in Gold
  5. CKC Screen in Silver
    CKC Screen in Silver
  6. CKC Screen in White
    CKC Screen in White
  7. CKC Screen in Antique Wallnut
    CKC Screen in Antique Wallnut
  8. Romano Mirrored Screen
    Romano Mirrored Screen
  9. Venice Hand Painted Screen
    Venice Hand Painted Screen
  10. Black and White Folding Screen 210 (70 cm X 3) X 186 cm
    Black and White Folding Screen 210 (70 cm X 3) X 186 cm
  11. Grey Laméco Folding Screen 180 X 180 cm
    Grey Laméco Folding Screen 180 X 180 cm

When you are designing a space for your next event, photo shoot, conference or exhibition, why not consider hiring a stylish screen. The use of screens has the ability to completely transform the look and feel of the room. At Options Greathire we carry an unrivalled collection of different screens for hire, carefully selected and manufactured in all colours and styles. Our vast stock of screens will allow you to add that extra functional yet decorative element to your space.

Essential accessory for your events

Using a screen is a great way of concealing areas from your guests at an event. You can hire them to use in a crew area, entrance for kitchen and bar staff, changing room or cloakroom. Our wonderful screens can also be used to divide a large room into sections and creating different event spaces in the same room. Screens allow you to separate a ceremony space from a dining area or a chilled lounge area from the hustle and bustle of a cocktail party. Our screens are also perfect for photo props, and photo shoot backdrops, adding colour, texture and depth to your photographs and emphasising a theme or colour scheme.

A huge range of screens of different styles and colors

At Options Greathire we are proud to carry a huge range of different coloured screens. The majority of our screens come with a stunning selection of customisable panels giving you the choice to create a perfect match to your event design. In some styles this ingenious design has been created to match perfectly with our other amazing furniture. You can select a chair and screen with matching colours to keep the continuity of your colour scheme running throughout your event. To accompany the sturdy metal and wooden frames of our screens that come in gold, silver, white, black and stainless steel, we supply a plethora of different coloured panels, pads and even sparkling beaded strands, providing you with a truly unique and beautiful product.

Our lovely screens also come in a diverse range of styles, ranging from modern, industrial designs using stainless steel and Perspex materials, to traditional and decorative frames with hand painted artwork, beautifully carved wood and gold gilt detailing. We also have a stunning collection of art deco style mirrored screens, perfect for dressing rooms and fashion industry events.

Customize according to your theme

In addition to the huge selection of designs and customisable screens we can supply, our screens have been made in multiple heights and widths. The vast majority of the screens are foldable, allowing you to further adapt them in length and angle for any shaped room or set up. With several heights to choose from, you are able to select a screen that best suits its intended function whether it be at a conference, exhibition or wedding.