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Stanchion Hire

For the true VIP experience, make sure you have some stanchions to hand. They can be used to create queues, rope off certain locations, or just add a touch of Hollywood class to proceedings.
Take a look at Options Greathire's range of stanchions for your next event.

  1. The Collection SignPost
    The Collection SignPost
  2. Post Brass 100 cm
    Post Brass 100 cm
  3. Post Steel H 100 cm
    Post Steel H 100 cm
  4. Mondrian Stanchion
    Mondrian Stanchion
  5. Twisted Stanchion in Brass
    Twisted Stanchion in Brass
  6. Stanchion Gold Brass
    Stanchion Gold Brass
  7. Stanchion Stainless Steel Brass
    Stanchion Stainless Steel Brass
  8. Bordeaux Rope 2 M
    Bordeaux Rope 2 M
  9. Black Rope L 200 cm
    Black Rope L 200 cm