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Table Hire

Every event will have a need for tables. Whether it is dining tables for a wedding breakfast, a high table for a display, or a coffee table for a quiet corner of your room, you are likely to need one.
Wether you organising a wedding dinner or a classic lunch, our range of tables covers every need you might have. So take the time to peruse and find the right piece for you.

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  1. Clear Air Table 6ft x 4ft
    Clear Air Table 6ft x 4ft
  2. Clear Air Table 6ft Ø
    Clear Air Table 6ft Ø
  3. The Glitzy Dining Table New
    The Glitzy Dining Table
  4. The Divine Dining table
    The Divine Dining table
  5. Grace Dining Table New
    Grace Dining Table
  6. The Endless Dining Table New
    The Endless Dining Table
  7. Isla Dining Table in Black
    Isla Dining Table in Black
  8. Isla Dining Table in White
    Isla Dining Table in White
  9. Unico 8"x4" Dining Table with Gold Frame
    Unico 8"x4" Dining Table with Gold Frame
  10. Unico 8"x4" Dining Table with White Frame
    Unico 8"x4" Dining Table with White Frame
  11. Unico 8"x4" Dining Table with Black Frame
    Unico 8"x4" Dining Table with Black Frame
  12. The Farmhouse Table New
    The Farmhouse Table
  13. Unico 8"x4" Dining Table with Stainless Steel Frame
    Unico 8"x4" Dining Table with Stainless Steel Frame
  14. Venice Dining Table
    Venice Dining Table
  15. Sandstone Willow Dining Table
    Sandstone Willow Dining Table

Items 1 to 15 of 180 total

Here at Options Greathire you will definitely find yourself spoilt for choice with any and all types of tables to hire for your next event. Just name a size, colour, material or finish and we are sure to have the table for you. Come and choose from our huge range of dining, café, poseur, coffee, side and console tables, not forgetting our outdoor furniture options!

For a wedding, birthday or gala dinner, we offer a great assortment of standard wooden trestle tables in multiple shapes and sizes that can be covered in beautiful linens. Trestle tables are perfect for large events and the variety of sizes means that you can tailor the room layout according to your chosen venue. They’re easy to transport and store and simple to use, taking the stress out of your set up and derig on the day. In addition to this, we also carry dining tables that are so beautiful that you don’t even need to worry about linen! Many of our collection are designed with customisable parts, offering you the opportunity to use bespoke coloured or mirror table tops. And if you’re looking for a rustic or vintage look, our lovely range of wooden tables are available in all shapes and impressive wood finishes.

If you’re looking for a smaller café style set up, our fantastic collection of café tables are also available in a huge range of styles. From metal and glass to glossy Perspex to traditional wooden tables, we have the café table for you. These downsizes dining tables are great for 3-5 people and create a more intimate and casual setting for exhibitions, conferences and restaurants. These beautiful tables are so versatile, you can even hire them to use as a drinks or cake display.

Another table style that Options Greathire can offer is the poseur table. Poseur tables are great for placing around a dance floor, bar or even an outdoor reception. Our poseur tables range from elegant and decorative pieces to simple but chic styled tables perfect for your guests to perch and mingle during a cocktail hour. Choose from an impressive collection of colours and styles and pair with our brilliant bar stools to complete the look or even hire them for use as floral or product display plinths.

In addition to this fabulous offering, you can hire coffee and side tables to match your chosen lounge set up. We have everything from long glass coffee tables to place in front of our sofas, to small occasional tables to sit between two armchairs, we’ve carefully selected all of our coffee tables to suit our lounge collections. Like a lot of Options Greathire products, there are many ranges that are designed to be customisable, allowing you to choose between various coloured glass and marble table tops. They come in all sorts of fabulous shapes, sizes and colours so you can create the perfect lounge look. Enquire with our wonderful sales team now to find out more about our table and furniture hire.