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Cutlery Set Hire

Hire the complete look with our collection of cutleries. Each comes with all the cutlery you will need throughout your event, be it a wedding, birthday party, or corporate gathering.
With a range of styles - from the simplistic to the intricate - you are sure to find something that will surprise your guests.

  1. Silver Vintage Cutlery
    Silver Vintage Cutlery
  2. Montreux Cutlery
    Montreux Cutlery
  3. Gold confetti Cutlery
    Gold confetti Cutlery
  4. The Tortoiseshell cutlery
    The Tortoiseshell cutlery
  5. The Aurora Rose Gold Cutlery
    The Aurora Rose Gold Cutlery
  6. India Cutlery New
    India Cutlery
  7. Cutlery Black Eden New
    Cutlery Black Eden
  8. Neo Champagne Cutlery New
    Neo Champagne Cutlery
  9. Normandie Cutlery
    Normandie Cutlery
  10. Soliman Cutlery
    Soliman Cutlery
  11. Black and Gold Mother of Pearl Cutlery
    Black and Gold Mother of Pearl Cutlery
  12. Trianon Cutlery
    Trianon Cutlery
  13. Mother of pearl Cutlery
    Mother of pearl Cutlery
  14. Bague Cutlery
    Bague Cutlery
  15. Windsor Royal Cutlery
    Windsor Royal Cutlery