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Sardinia Bench in Ivory


Sardinia Sofa is our show topping range of lounge furniture. Sofas are used alone or to make a variety of shapes and sizes. It goes on forever. The luxurious linen, soft curves, impeccable design is so sleek and elegant that our client won’t be able to get enough of it. It is luxury luxury luxury!

Beautifully crafted there is no where that doesn’t look better with this lounge set up in it. Style and design don’t get better. Very decorative as it is but it also works beautifully with accent cushions. It comes with a complete range of ottomans and sofas There is no rental furniture on the market to rival this stylish elegant lounge setting. With sleek, straight lines, our Sardinia Sofa blurs the line between contemporary furniture and sculptural art.

Dimensions: 79" x 20" x 17" H