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Sofa Hire

Guests need somewhere to sit and take a break, no matter how much they like to party.
A quiet sofa in the corner is the perfect place to get some rest.
They also work well at demure, quiet affairs, giving guests locations where they can chat one another up as they drink and while away the hours.

  1. Chesterfield Sofa in Gold 13ft
    Chesterfield Sofa in Gold 13ft
  2. Fulcro Bourne Sofa in Black
    Fulcro Bourne Sofa in Black
  3. Bubble Sofa
    Bubble Sofa
  4. The Clementine Sofa New
    The Clementine Sofa
  5. Blue Belle Sofa
    Blue Belle Sofa
  6. Clarence Sofa
    Clarence Sofa
  7. Knightsbridge Sofa
    Knightsbridge Sofa
  8. The Fonteyn Sofa New
    The Fonteyn Sofa
  9. Suzanna Sofa in Emerald Green Velvet
    Suzanna Sofa in Emerald Green Velvet
  10. The Love Bug Chaise
    The Love Bug Chaise
  11. The Rossellini Sofa
    The Rossellini Sofa
  12. The Sotogrande Sofa  238 x 85 cm H 78 cm
    The Sotogrande Sofa 238 x 85 cm H 78 cm
  13. Elton terracotta velvet sofa 78 x 170 cm H 70 cm
    Elton terracotta velvet sofa 78 x 170 cm H 70 cm
  14. The Manila Sofa New
    The Manila Sofa
  15. Infinito B Straight Sofa
    Infinito B Straight Sofa

Our sofas 

If you are thinking of creating a lovely lounge area for your guests, banquet seating at a restaurant or seating talk show set, you are sure to find a sofa to hire here at Options Greathire. We have a huge selection of beautiful sofas for hire amongst our vast furniture collection and with so many colours, fabrics, styles and shapes to choose from you will be absolutely spoilt for choice!


The different ranges of sofas

We are proud to stock an impressive range of different styles of sofa so that you can pick one that fits perfectly with your event design and venue. From contemporary sleek styles to elaborate French inspired period pieces, you name it and Options Greathire will have it. We stock plush upholstered and buttoned designs, smooth modular pieces and intricately carved rustic oak frames as well as stylish outdoor summer styles.


For each style a single fabric

At Options Greathire, we know that every small detail contributes to the success of your event and so the fabrics of all of our sofas have been especially selected for each piece making them truly unique. Each style has its own beautiful fabric and these range from luxurious velvet, to chic linen, to glossy leatherette. As well as these interesting textures, our sofas come in a stunning range of colours. Most of the sofa styles we carry come in a choice of many colour variations allowing you to further customise the look of your event. Create a soft romantic look with our pastel shades of ballet pink and powder blue or make an impact with a bold black and white design. You could even opt for a fun and vibrant feel with pops of purple or a regal look with our rich jewel tones of jade green and crimson red.


Choose the shape of your sofa according to the event

Another very important element of our sofa designs is of course the shape. You will need to choose a shape that works in your event space, caters to your guests needs and contributes to the whole look and feel that you would like to achieve. Luckily for you, at Options Greathire we have an incredible collection, not only of various shapes of singular sofas but modular sofas too! Choose from a simple straight piece or futuristic curve, create amazing shapes that snake around the room or a stand-out circular feature sofa using one of our many styles of modular sofa.


Our collection of ottomans

To complete your lounge set up, have a look at our lovely collection of ottomans, upholstered in luxurious fabrics that match perfectly with our sofas so that you can continue the style and colours throughout the room. Whether you’re looking for a traditional look with a luxury feel or a contemporary chic style, you’re guaranteed to find the seats to hire with Options Greathire. Place these in rows for an audience at a conference or opposite a sofa to complete a lounge. Single seat ottomans are a great way to offer your guests more seating options without taking up too much space.