Ideas and List of Equipment to Hire for Organising a Wedding in England

Organising a wedding is a complex task, but with the right advice and tips, it can be an exciting and fun experience. Among the essential elements of wedding planning is the choice of furniture and accessories for your reception. Why not opt for hiring equipment for your wedding?

The choice of equipment to hire may seem trivial, but it can make all the difference in the success of your wedding. Hiring event equipment can be the key to transforming an empty space into an elegant and welcoming reception venue. Whether for an outdoor ceremony or a reception in a large hall, hiring equipment has the advantage of helping you create the atmosphere you desire for your wedding without breaking the bank. In this post, we will guide you through the different types of equipment to hire for organising a wedding in England.

Tableware: The key to an elegant wedding decoration

Tableware is an important element in creating an elegant and refined ambiance at your wedding in England. This includes not only crockery and glassware but also tablecloths, napkins, table runners, and charger plates. Choose your crockery based on the style of your event. You can hire wine glasses, champagne flutes, silver cutlery, or porcelain plates. For a bohemian wedding, for example, you might choose ceramic plates and hand-engraved crystal glasses. If your wedding is more traditional, you might opt for white porcelain plates with silver cutlery. It is important to consider the number of guests and the number of dishes to be served in order to hire the correct number of items. It is also important to choose colors and patterns that match your wedding theme for more visual harmony. Tableware hire allows you to benefit from a wide choice of styles and colors to personalize your table decoration. You can even opt for unique and vintage pieces that will add an original touch to your wedding.
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Tables and chairs to create your wedding atmosphere

When organising your wedding, it is important not to overlook the choice of tables and chairs for your reception. These elements will play a crucial role in creating the atmosphere you want for your wedding. Chairs are an important element as they will be used by your guests throughout the evening. You can opt for rustic-style wooden chairs for a countryside wedding, metal chairs for an industrial wedding, or banquet chairs for a more chic and elegant wedding. You can even choose to hire covered chairs and match them with the rest of your decor for a personalized atmosphere. Of course, tables go hand in hand with chairs. It is important to choose tables that suit the size of your space and the number of guests you plan to accommodate. You can opt for round tables for a more intimate and friendly wedding, or square tables for a more formal wedding. It is also possible to mix the two types of tables to create a more dynamic atmosphere.
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Lighting: essential for a successful atmosphere

When choosing lighting, it is important to think about the atmosphere you want to create. Fairy lights, for example, can be draped over walls, ceilings, or trees to add a magical touch to your evening. Spotlights can be used to highlight specific decorative elements, such as table centers or a flower wall, and create a focal point for your reception. Candles are a timeless and romantic choice to immediately add a warm atmosphere to your event. You can place them on tables or mantelpieces, or even float them in water containers for a unique and original visual effect. You may also consider renting professional lighting equipment to create a more sophisticated atmosphere. Light shows, for example, can add a touch of dynamism and movement to your dance floor.
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Decorative accessories for a personal and unique touch

Hiring decorative accessories is ideal for adding an original and personalized touch to your wedding. Whether you opt for a thematic decoration or a more classic one, accessories such as cushions, vases, rugs, or mirrors can add color and texture to your reception space. You can also use them to create specific areas such as photo corners or rest zones for your guests. By renting decorative accessories, you can transform your reception hall into a true dream venue for your wedding.
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Catering equipment

The catering is an important aspect to consider when organising your wedding. Whether you plan to cook yourself or have hired a caterer, it is essential to have the right equipment to prepare and serve food. You can rent ovens, grills, burners, serving dishes, kitchen utensils, and cooling equipment for food and drinks. It is important to consider the amount of food you will prepare and the number of guests you expect to choose the appropriate equipment. Moreover, it is also important to ensure that your kitchen space is large enough to accommodate the rented equipment. By renting the right catering equipment, you can ensure that food will be prepared and served efficiently so your guests can fully enjoy it.