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Lamp Hire

Add an extra touch to your table to keep the room light and breezy or atmospheric and moody. Lamps have the versatility to accomplish so much and can add to your theme. Take a look at our lamp collection to find the perfect option for you.

  1. Castiglioni Floor Lamp
    Castiglioni Floor Lamp
  2. Bourgie Lamp
    Bourgie Lamp
  3. Bourgie Lamp in Silver
    Bourgie Lamp in Silver
  4. Brass Column Lamp
    Brass Column Lamp
  5. Crystal Floor Lamp
    Crystal Floor Lamp
  6. Wenge Floor Lamp
    Wenge Floor Lamp
  7. Battery Lamp
    Battery Lamp
  8. Bird Lamp in Blue
    Bird Lamp in Blue
  9. Chinoise Lamp
    Chinoise Lamp
  10. Cindy Lamp
    Cindy Lamp
  11. Clear Bourgie Candle Lamp
    Clear Bourgie Candle Lamp
  12. Cream Lamp
    Cream Lamp
  13. Crystal Battery Lantern
    Crystal Battery Lantern
  14. Saigon Lamp
    Saigon Lamp
  15. Tanya Lamp
    Tanya Lamp