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Plate hire

Find the perfect plates for your next event, ready to hire for any occasion.
With a range of colours and shapes, set your party apart from the rest, whether it's a glamorous wedding or luxury dinner.

  1. Feather Plates
    Feather Plates
  2. Porto Alegre Plates
    Porto Alegre Plates
  3. Imperial Plates
    Imperial Plates
  4. Imperial Red Plates
    Imperial Red Plates
  5. Plane gold thread Plates
    Plane gold thread Plates
  6. Plane with silver thread Plates
    Plane with silver thread Plates
  7. "C" Plates Plates
    "C" Plates Plates
  8. Karo Plates
    Karo Plates
  9. Hemisphere Plates
    Hemisphere Plates
  10. Sahara Plates
    Sahara Plates
  11. Tungsten Plates New
    Tungsten Plates
  12. Vintage flowery Plates
    Vintage flowery Plates
  13. Vintage white and gold Plates
    Vintage white and gold Plates
  14. Romance Plates
    Romance Plates
  15. Terrace Plates
    Terrace Plates