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Plate hire

Find the perfect plates for your next event, ready to hire for any occasion.
With a range of colours and shapes, set your party apart from the rest, whether it's a glamorous wedding or luxury dinner.

  1. Feather presentation plate Ø 30 cm
    Feather presentation plate Ø 30 cm
  2. Porto Alegre Plates
    Porto Alegre Plates
  3. Imperial Plates
    Imperial Plates
  4. Imperial Red Plates
    Imperial Red Plates
  5. Vintage blue green big plate Ø 22-25 cm
    Vintage blue green big plate Ø 22-25 cm
  6. Plane gold thread Plates
    Plane gold thread Plates
  7. Plane with silver thread Plates
    Plane with silver thread Plates
  8. "C" Plates Plates
    "C" Plates Plates
  9. Hemisphere Plates
    Hemisphere Plates
  10. Karo Plates
    Karo Plates
  11. Sahara Plates
    Sahara Plates
  12. Vintage flowery Plates
    Vintage flowery Plates
  13. Vintage white and gold Plates
    Vintage white and gold Plates
  14. Dentelle Plates New
    Dentelle Plates
  15. Tungsten Plates
    Tungsten Plates

When you are planning and designing a table scape for your next event, whether it be breakfast lunch or dinner, an intimate private event or large corporate gathering, the largest and arguably most important item would be the crockery. The plates that you choose to dine from will play a big part in creating the look and feel of the table scape and event as a whole. Options Greathire have an astounding collection of crockery for hire and with so many styles and types to choose from, you’re sure to find a set that is a perfect accompaniment to finish your table perfectly.

A vast collection of crockery 

At Options Greathire you will find a vast collection of crockery that includes a beautiful array of different colours. Our plates range from plain and simple white sets, glamorous gold designs with intricate detailing to bright and vibrant colourful collections. No matter what your chosen colour scheme, we are sure to have a plate that fits the look you are hoping to achieve. With our crockery you have the option to go all out with a full set of a statement colour or keep it subtle and even add a small bread plate in your chosen accent shade to give you that extra hint of colour to the table.

Create a modern look with our stylish materials

As well as a huge choice of colours, we are proud to hold a lovely collection of patterned and textured crockery. From highly detailed filigree designs to rustic shapes and hand painted details, we can give you the choice to add those unique touches and texture to your design. Create a modern look with our metallic and industrial style materials or a regal and traditional design with beaded and etched glass charger plates. At Options Greathire we can supply clear glass plates, dense earthy materials and even unique plates that glitter in the light!

In addition to all of these wonderful variations, all of our plate ranges come in a complete selection of sizes; from presentation, dinner, lunch to bread plates and even dessert bowls so that you can keep the style of your design running throughout the event and the courses of the meal. What’s more is that we have specifically selected our collections to keep continuity in sizing between each design, making it easy for you to mix and match the styles, helping you to add texture and depth to your table scape.

A competent team at your disposal

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of choices available for hire so our knowledgeable and friendly team are always happy to help. Our sales team have a wealth of experience with our products and the events industry and are able to provide advice on styling and which combination of products to use to meet your design brief.