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Gel Fuel 80 G

Single use 80 gram gel fuel to be placed directly in portable stoves and burners. With a very high heat output, it is suitable for all types of appliance and makes it possible to keep your dishes warm using stoves, chafing dishes and plate warmers.
Also compatible with traditional and chocolate fondue sets, ensuring safe use and lighting, without the risk of flashback.
Can be used directly in its single use cup, it cannot be poured.
The gel lights quickly and is long lasting allowing for extended, optimal use and its odourless feature prevents the flavour of your dishes from being spoilt.
Unlike liquid fuel which can be knocked over, the gel texture also reduces the risks during use.
Highly flammable, gel fuel remains a product which requires care when handling. It is imperative that you adhere to safety conditions set out in the MSDS and keep well out of the reach of children.
Avoid all contact with skin and eyes.
Gel Fuel 80 G