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Monthly Archives: April 2024

  1. How many champagne bottle do you need according to the number of guests ?

    Organising an event: how many champagne bottles you need ?

    Credits : Photographer: Alison Price

    When orchestrating an event, one of the pivotal decisions is ensuring an ample provision of champagne to cater to the attendees. Champagne, with its effervescent charm and celebratory aura, is often the libation of choice for toasts, cheers, and festive moments.

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  2. How to organise a succesfull launch event?

    Organising a Successful Launch Event

    Credits : Photographer: Julia Keil

    Organising a launch event is a crucial opportunity for a business to introduce its new product, service, or even brand to the target audience. The way this event is organised can have a significant impact on the perception and success of the launch.

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