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Dining Chair Hire

At Options Greathire, we have all the chairs you will ever need.
Whether you are looking for chairs for a wedding, a business metting, a cocktail party, a dinner, or just a party with your close friend, here you will find a huge range of chairs, armchairs, and stools.

  1. Infinito J Chair
    Infinito J Chair
  2. Chloe Chair New
    Chloe Chair
  3. Sabrina Chair in Black
    Sabrina Chair in Black
  4. Chandelle Chair in Gold
    Chandelle Chair in Gold
  5. Chandelle Chair in Silver
    Chandelle Chair in Silver
  6. Chandelle Chair in White
    Chandelle Chair in White
  7. Napolean Chair in Gold with Black Seat Pad
    Napolean Chair in Gold with Black Seat Pad
  8. Napoleon Chair in Gold
    Napoleon Chair in Gold
  9. Napoleon Chair in Gunmetal
    Napoleon Chair in Gunmetal
  10. Chandelle Armchair in Gold
    Chandelle Armchair in Gold
  11. Louis Ghost Armchair in Black
    Louis Ghost Armchair in Black
  12. Montaigne Chair in Nature
    Montaigne Chair in Nature
  13. Felicity Chair
    Felicity Chair
  14. Chandelle Armchair in Ivory
    Chandelle Armchair in Ivory
  15. Chandelle Armchair in White
    Chandelle Armchair in White